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CAM HD Assembly
Diagnostic ECG
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The CAM HD Assembly is a Data Acquisition Module. The measurement system contains the ECG amplifier module, a data acquisition module and a computer. The minute ECG signals from the patient are received by the electrodes and are sent to the acquisition module via lead wires. The acquisition module then amplifies, digitizes, and performs processing on the signals and sends the data to computer. The CAM HD contains lead wires which are attached to the patient electrodes and three buttons; 1) ECG Button that initiates the recording of an ECG. 2) Stop writer button that cancels the current print job and 3) Rhythm button that initiates the printing of a rhythm strip. The acquisition module cable connects the acquisition module to the computer. The CAM HD acquisition modules ensures defibrillation protection and protection against serious injury and is advanced since HD provides better analysis of patients with pacemakers. This assembly is used in ARC Engstrom Carestation, MIC Giraffe™ OmniBed, MS DASH 3000, CT Revolution CT 256-Slice and other systems.

Compatible Products

MAC 5500

MAC 5500

CAM 14

CAM 14

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