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CT Table Slicker - GE ProSpeed Plus Systems (EA)
Computed Tomography (CT)
CT Slickers
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  • Description:
  • May increase system uptime by protecting table from spills and particulate contaminants
  • Easy to install and comfortable for patients
  • Will not interfere with normal operation of CT table
  • Clear PVC plastic facilitates faster cleanup of blood and fluids
  • Prevents contaminate buildup in hard to clean areas
  • Thermosealed seams and flaps
  • Footswitch slickers and table skirts help protect electronics; footswitch slicker includes Velcro* for secure fit Table skirt comes with two 13 × 24 in covers, one for each side of table
  • For GE LightSpeed* Systems, order E8016AM, which is a two-piece, sealed slicker cushion set with slicker and pad enclosed inside slicker cover E8016AM includes table cushion, extender cushion and catheter bag hanger
  • E8016AM can also be used with the BrightSpeed System.  Cannot be used with the BrightSpeed Select or BrightSpeed Lite
  • Recommended for trauma centers and sites concerned about exposure to blood and fluid-borne disease
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