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Nemoto 200mL Disposable Contrast Syringe (50 pack)
Computed Tomography (CT)
CT Injector Syringes and Accessories
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  • Description:
  • Nemoto 200mL Disposable Contrast Syringe
  • Compatible for use with both the Nemoto Dual Shot CT Injector and the Nemoto Single CT Injector. Individually sterile packed
  • Pack of 50
  • Nemoto Consumables are brought to you exclusively by GE Healthcare.
  • Prepackaged budget-friendly syringe kits with supplies needed for an exam
  • Single and dual syringe kits for contrast only and saline exams with filling option J-tube or spike and Y-tubing
  • GE will work with you to select the appropriate products, create a standing order and schedule regular deliveries of any configuration and quantity of products that you require.
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