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Hand Switch Membrane East GH
Maternal-Infant Care
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Handswitch Membrane (MEMB) East is assembled in upper chassis of an incubator hood assembly. It consist of two switches SW1 and SW2 and it is hand controlled. Depending on whether the unit is to be used as an incubator or as a warmer, raise or lower the canopy using the hand switches located on either side of the bed near the uprights. The material of the switch is Velvet Autotex Polyester which is a high quality polyester film. It is more flexible and resist ultraviolet light & moisture. The embossing is 0.015 inches pillow at two places. The ink color used should be opaque. The adhesive used is Pressure Sensitive 3M 467 which has a minimum shelf life of 365 days. 3M 467 adhesive tape provides high resistance to solvents and humidity. The 2 mil nominal adhesive provides excellent shear strength. The switch requires a carbon overcoat on tail.

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