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Dash™ Battery Door (N9) (PUR)
2013114-023 422102-001
Patient Monitoring
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Dash™ Battery Door is a specially designed door assembly intended for use with Dash™ 3000, Dash™ 4000, Dash™ 5000 patient monitoring equipment and other medical equipment as applicable. The assembly is comprised of battery door A, battery door B, wire frame assembly, screws, door bezel, door latch and labels. The battery door assembly is fixed at the rear side of Dash™ patient monitor with three pan head machine screws. The part is made up of high quality silicone 70 material that has high impact resistance and good UV resistance, which makes it well suited for many medical applications. The GE product is an innovation and technology which fits well into demanding applications. The products high quality material helps to offer reliable operation, efficient functioning and longer life span.

Compatible Products

Dash 3000 (Product Code SBG)

Dash 3000 (Product Code SBG)

Dash 4000 (product code SBG)

Dash 4000 (product code SBG)

Dash 5000 (product code SBG)

Dash 5000 (product code SBG)

Equivalent Part :

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Equivalent partPart Details
  • Assembly Battery Door Includes Rubber Door and Frame
  • Latch Battery DASH 3000 for Battery Locking

Return And Exchange

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